mahapps.metro with ExcelDNA not working

Posting here to see if any mahapps.metro experts might have an idea. Let me know if 'cross posting' is bad form. (Or if you want me to replicate my post here)!topic/exceldna/POi8EYfXsOE

Update: I created a repo as asked at

The strange thing was, when I recreated problem here the window appeared correct, so I don't know what I did different. I then tried to create the window again in my real project and was able to create the window AGAIN correctly.

I guess my question now is (and maybe you don't have to look at repository, not sure) is: How come the window in design time doesn't look like a mahapps.metro window? (note, this is my first xaml/wpf effort).


As my update states, it seems to work after I re-implemented it. This project/repo is too convoluted for the other part of my question, so I'm just closing this.

Moderator, feel free to delete.

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