Instance the query builder directly from model

When I do something like SomeModel::with('user') it returns a Query\Builder instance. How can I get this instance without need call the with() (or similar)?

For instance, I tried it: new SomeModel, but it'll returns obviously the instance of my model, not the query builder (not worked to me). The SomeModel::getQuery not works too, because it returns a Query\Builder not related to my model.

I need it to I setup based on some conditionals. So initially it need be empty, like it:

$someBuilder = SomeModel::getQueryBuilder(); // eg.

if(condition()) {

$someResults = $someBuilder->get();


Use the static query method:

$query = User::query();

Additionally, you can use the when method to chain these conditionals directly onto the query builder itself:

$results = SomeModel::query()->when(condition(), function ($query) {

This is functionally equivalent to the imperative if clause.

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