Akka remote actors filter connections by IP

I'm trying to add security to my remote actors. I've set untrusted-mode: http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/snapshot/scala/remoting.html

Is it possible to add IP filtering, to allow connection only from specific server? For example I have one master and 10 slaves, I want to allow only for my master (specific IP) to connect my slaves.

In open source everyone could just create a new instance of my master, and connect to my real slaves. How can make it secure?


Using IP filtering is not very secure as it's easy to fake an IP. Luckily Akka comes with secure transport support via SSL and secure cookie support.

A cookie is like an API key and will be required to establish the connection. SSL will guarantee eavesdropping is not possible to steal the secure cookie. See this doc for example.

I made a simple project that uses Akka remoting and SSL with secure cookie. Try it out here. Read how to setup SSL certificate storage and such here.

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