Generate report with multiple features using Java

I am using BIRT in eclipse to generate my report and I found out I can't include a table of content (ToC) inside the report. I tried to store sub-titles and page numbers in an array and display them but that's causes various problems.

I need a tool to create a generic report (in PDF format) that supports :

  • Retrieving data from database.
  • Custom page layout : Portrait and landscape in the same report.
  • Header & Footer.
  • Tables.
  • Images.
  • Page breaks : Ex: Split tables and add the table header in the new page.
  • ToC : I need a main ToC in the beginning of the report and multiple sub-ToC inside it.

It's fine if your suggested tool can't do some of the above and instead it's doable with java.

If I can't include Portrait and landscape layouts in the same report, then I need it to be able to combine multiple reports and update page numbers.

EDIT : I am currently looking into using Jasper Report or Pentaho. Still searching for an answer.


Jasper report will definitely serve all your needs. it will

  1. Retrieve data from database.
  2. Although, the JasperPrint objects does not support mixed page formats, there is a work-around for this. The entire report orientation can be changed to Landscape which can easily accommodate the data in the Portrait format.

  1. The header/footers can be configured easily.
  2. Tables and images can be included.
  3. You can see the page break example here.
  4. This example illustrates the simple example of creating TOC.

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