Openfire server is not starting on JAVA 64 bit

i was trying to install openfire in my windows 64 bit OS, but server was not starting , and giving below error message.

which says JAVA_HOME doesn't point to 32 bit JRE,

where as in openfire site, nothing was said about 32 or 64 bit jdk version.

upon clicking ok i am getting serious of error messages,

do i need to point openfire to 32 bit jdk and jre to make it workable?


It is possible to start openfire from command line: java -jar startup.jar

Assuming it is executed from ./lib of openfire installation dir, and you have binaries of your preferred java in system path.

The error means exactly what it said. You have either installed the wrong architecture flavor of Java / the JDK or haven't installed Java at all. If you haven't installed the 32-bit JDK yet, grab it at and install it. If you already have the 32 Bit JDK, change the environment variables of your system to let JAVA_HOME point to the correct installation. Refer to for further instructions. If that doesn't help, deinstall every JDK inst install the 32-bit JDK from scratch.

i have downloaded zip version of openfire , which is having this issue, i have downloaded .exe version with jre bundled, which is working fine.

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