How to define onStart method in scala play framework 2.4

how can i define startup job in play framework 2.4 with scala? play framework GlobalSetting I have already:

class StartupConfigurationModule extends AbstractModule{

  override def configure(): Unit = {



You need to register this in the modules.enabled of your application (in application.conf).

It should schedule a call to start on the Id3Service after 0 hours and then every 24 hours.

The issue is that the module doesn't declare a dependency on a running application, or more interestingly on a started actorSystem. Guice can decide to start it before the app is initialized.

The follwing is one way to force the dependency on the initialized actorSystem (and reduce the footprint of your dependency)

import javax.inject.{ Singleton, Inject }


import scala.concurrent.duration._

class StartupConfigurationModule extends AbstractModule {

  override def configure(): Unit = {


class Schedule @Inject() (actorSystem: ActorSystem) {
  implicit val ec = actorSystem.dispatcher
  actorSystem.scheduler.schedule(Duration(0, HOURS), Duration(24, HOURS))(Id3Service.start())
object Id3Service {
  def start(): Unit = println("started")

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