Create a sustainable function which can auto-fill a cell with matching two criteria with a function

I am trying to create a Google Spreadsheets record and generate numbers of table with filtered data. The image is what I am expecting: Google Spreadsheet expected result:

The first table "List" is the data with ID. The other tables are expected to filter the data.

Take the example in cell A3, the ID is PM00001, which is PwC and Facebook. What I am looking for is it will fill cell M3 automatically, since that table is PwC Facebook.

The "List" table will continue develop. So I am looking for a function sustainable for the whole column which I can put in, e.g. cell M3 and able to drag and collect the data from the List table.


You want to use the FILTER() function. In E3 put

        $B$3:$B = $E$1 
        $C$3:$C = E$2)

This will filter Column A for all entries where the corresponding row in Column B is equal to the platfrom in row two and the header in row 1. You can drag this to the right and Column F and G will filter too. For the other Clients you'll need to change the reference from E1 to I1 and N1 respectively.

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