Inserting 2 Images in a Single Cell

I am new to VBA and request your assistance for the below query.


I want to insert two images, one below the other, in a Cell say B2 with already pre-configured enough Cell height and width. I am using the below code

 .Left = ActiveSheet.Range("B2").Left
 .Top = ActiveSheet.Range("B2").Top

where in my 1st image is placed at the Top,Left of the Cell.Now how do i place the 2nd image in the same cell below the 1st image.

Is there any command like .Bottom?


There is no command like .Bottom, but an alternate approach for you could be simply adding the height of the first image to the top of the cell to decide where it ends. I.e.:

image2.Top = ActiveSheet.Range("B2").Top + image1.Height

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