How can I launch Internet Explorer with a web address from another browser?

Let's say a user browses to in MS Edge. Rather than continue in Edge I want the page to detect Edge is being used and auto start Internet Explorer with the same URL used in Edge?

Is this possible?


If MS Edge does not detect your use of Java and automatically asks the user to use Internet Explorer, the only way to create the expected behaviour is to either

  • have your site added to the global compatiblity list managed by Microsoft (for public sites)
  • or create an enterprise site list for your company / intranet pages which determines which pages to open in IE instead of Edge.

Once the site is added to one of the lists the users will see a dialogue offering to open the site in Internet Explorer.

You you can find the official documentation here

Charles provided some details here:

This is technically not possible. Not in the browser, not through Javascript, etc. Your browser need to have this logic, but it doesnt.

It isn't possible due to security reasons. If you could do it, also any script on the site would do the same.

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