Send bulk Email with mailchimp

I need to send promotional email and fetch there corresponding stats.Currently i am using Gibbon Gem but not able to create campaign through .Is there any way to create campaign and add bulk email in receiver through Gibbon Gem or there is any other Gem to work for same.I need all stat of a campaign like sent ,bounced, effective email.Which version Of Gibbon Gem should i use to create campaign and contact list through Api


Gibbon does allow you to create and trigger campaigns through the Mailchimp API v3. You have to use Gibbon version >= 2.1.3 to send campaigns, because there was a bug in the earlier versions.

Gibbon's readme file was recently updated with examples.

To create a campaign:

recipients = {
  list_id: list_id,
  segment_opts: {
    saved_segment_id: segment_id
settings = {
  subject_line: "Subject Line",
  title: "Name of Campaign",
  from_name: "From Name",
  reply_to: ""

body = {
 type: "regular",
 recipients: recipients,
 settings: settings

  gibbon.campaigns.create(body: body)
rescue Gibbon::MailChimpError => e
  puts "Houston, we have a problem: #{e.message} - #{e.raw_body}"

To send a campaign:


To get stats:

email_stats = gibbon.reports(campaign_id).retrieve["opens"]

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