Trigger a modal to show no a non click

I have a hidden modal that is want to trigger using data-toggle. But it needs to start on it's own. so without a click.

I can show the modal using a icon with a data-toggle like this:

<a href="#RemoveSerialNumberModal" data-toggle="modal"><i class="icon-plus"></i></a>

This shows the modal 'AddSerialNumberModal'.

Now do I wanna check if !empty($_GET['sn']) and if it isn't I wanna open the modal on it's own.

I tried it with JS like this:


But that doesn't work.

(I really wanna do it in JS).


<script>alert('where here stage 1 tho!');
        $("#RemoveSerialNumberModal").dialog({modal: true});
        alert('where here stage 2 tho!');</script>

This is how I test this. When I run the example it alerts the first 1 but doesn't show the second alert. So it breaks somehow on the code in the middle.


you can trigger click function if other way are not working to show modal

<a id="someid" href="#AddSerialNumberModal" data-toggle="modal"><i class="icon-plus"></i></a>


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