How to scale docker based services in azure

What is the best way to scale docker based application services in azure. In AWS I know we can use container service. Currently I am using Cloud Service on azure, which enables easy scaling. There is also Service Fabric which looks better than cloud service. But when I use docker how can I scale them to multiple VMs?


Take a look at Azure VM Scale Sets, this allows easy integration with Azure autoscale. See

A couple of additional things worth tracking..

1) The upcoming preview of Azure Container Service, see announcement:

2) The Mesos Cluster with Marathon and Swarm solution in Azure Quickstart Templates:

Microsoft have just announced the Azure Container Service which provides Mesos or Swarm orchestration

Launch blog Service home page

For scaling plain Docker containers in Azure you can use ACS (Azure Container Service) with Docker Swarm or Mesos DC/OS underneath.

Another option is to use Azure Service Fabric which its version for Linux uses Docker, too. In regards SF for Windows, it will have Docker pretty soon using Windows Docker containers. Service Fabric goes further (it is not just orchestration of containers for scaling) as it provides application platform and prescriptive frameworks like Stateful services, Reliable Collections and Actor Framework.

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