In Visual Studio, when using remotebuild for Apache Cordova, Plugins folder does not populate

I have an Apache Cordova application built in Visual Studio 2015.

When using remotebuild on my MacBook, everything shows up correctly in my cordovaApp/platforms/ios/[Project Name] folder except for the Plugins folder. The folder is there, but it's empty.

When I look at the "platforms/ios/[Project Name]" folder of my Visual Studio solution, the Plugins folder is populated properly. It's just not getting pushed to my Mac.

When a fellow developer on my team, who appears to have the same dev environment that I do, builds the same source code, the Plugins info is successfully sent to his Mac.

We compared all of the environmental settings we could think of that might impact this functionality, but nothing jumped out.

Has anyone else has this problem? Or have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Send a message on Twitter to the @VSCordovaTools team. I am sure they will want to help out and see what's going on.

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