How to communicate between ionic (cordova) application and arduino

I want to develop and ionic application to switch ON and OFF LEDs attached with arduino. How will I communicate between arduino and cordova application??


Bluetooth is one of the most popular protocols for wireless communication between devices. Bluetooth powers a countless number of devices, from Bluetooth speakers, to smartwatches, headsets, fitness trackers, and more.

Tutorial will walk you through how you can create your own Bluetooth fitness tracker using Arduino and Cordova. This tutorial will be talking to your Arduino over Bluetooth.

If you want to use TCP/IP communication (Ethernet / Wifi / etc.) you could create a sketch on the Arduino that listen incoming connection, here is a small example: EthernetServer - and when a client connects you control the outputs with the usual functions (pinMode / digitalWrite).

Then with Ionic (Angular to be precise) you can use the $http functions or ngResource (if you like the resource-way) to make GET requests to the Arduino IP (setup a static one, to keep it simple).

And if you want to expand the system to something more complex you could use the Arduino Yun for example. It has an internal webserver already setup, used for the Arduino config. For a project I moved the internal CGI files (that serve the config interface) to offer my own interface.

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