Automatically logging in website using VB script

I am trying to automate login process for a website. I used below code

Dim objIE
Dim htmld
Set objIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
objIE.Visible = False
objIE.Navigate ""  // is example not the original
While objIE.Busy
WScript.Sleep 400
WScript.Sleep 500
objIE.Document.getElementById("login_id").value = "ss"

the html code for the textbox login_id is

<TABLE id=logintable cellSpacing=0><TBODY>
<TD><IMG src="/nfusion/default/en_US/images/sign_in_flag.gif"></TD>
<TD class=tdlabel>User ID:</TD>
<TD><INPUT id=login_id class=txt name=login_id></TD></TR>

I am getting error of the interface is unknown. I have changed the security and login_id does not have tag so i was not able to use getElementByTag.


I wrote a vbscript to do just what you asked, and I use it all the time. It opens up one tab in IE, and logs in, then it opens two more tabs to different pages in our application.

On Error Resume Next

ECRecord = "http://vm195/views/welcome.action"
ECJobs = "http://vm195/views/job/jobList.action?query.MaxResults=500&allStates=false%2F&query.ActiveState=true&query.ActiveState=false%2F&query.PendingState=true&query.PendingState=false%2F&query.CompletedState=false%2F&query.FailedState=true&query.FailedState=false%2F&query.CancelledState=true&query.CancelledState=false%2F&query.HoldState=true&query.HoldState=false%2F&query.jobTypes=-1&allFreqs=true&allFreqs=false%2F&query.DailyFrequency=true&query.DailyFrequency=false%2F&query.IntervalFrequency=true&query.IntervalFrequency=false%2F&query.SetDateFrequency=true&query.SetDateFrequency=false%2F&query.SingleFrequency=true&query.SingleFrequency=false%2F&query.patientId=&query.accessionNumber=&query.studyPk=&query.dateRange=-3&query.beginDate=&query.endDate=&Submit=Search&refreshRate=120"
ECConfig = "http://vm195/views/org/organizationTree.action"

Set oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
oIE.Visible = True
'open a new window
oIE.Navigate2 ECRecord

Do While (oIE.Busy)
   WScript.Sleep 10

 Set Helem = oIE.document.getElementByID("username")
 Helem.Value = "tsu500" ' change this to yours
 Set Helem = oIE.document.getElementByID("password")
 Helem.Value = "production" ' change this to yours


 'Set Helem = oIE.document.Forms(1)

WScript.Sleep 500

Do While (oIE.Busy)
   WScript.Sleep 10

'open url In new tab
oIE.Navigate2 ECJobs, 2048
WScript.Sleep 100
oIE.Navigate2 ECConfig, 2048

Set oIE = Nothing 

Try these additional checks:

Dim IE
Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
With IE
    .Visible = False
    .Navigate "" ' is example not the original
    Do While .Busy Or Not .readyState = 4: WScript.Sleep 100: Loop
    Do Until .document.readyState = "complete": WScript.Sleep 100: Loop
    Do While TypeName(.document.getElementById("login_id")) = "Null": WScript.Sleep 100: Loop
    .document.getElementById("login_id").Value = "ss"
End With

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