play animation once instead of looping three.js

I have exported blender JSON animation into THREE.js, everything works fine, but I want to play the animation only once and stop instead of looping the animation.


Old question, but in case anyone needs it the solution is to set animation.setLoop( THREE.LoopOnce )

let objLoader = new THREE.ObjectLoader()

objLoader.load('./your.json', function( obj )
  scene.add( obj )

  animationMixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( obj )
  animation = animationMixer.clipAction( obj.animations[ 0 ] )
  animation.setLoop( THREE.LoopOnce )
  animation.clampWhenFinished = true
  animation.enable = true

I'm referring to ThreeJS r84.

Set the loop property on the Animation object to false.

documentation here:

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