Bash: array made from inside a sourced function won't be exported

Consider the following script, that just creates and prints arrays out of lists:

 $> cat
 function test_array {
    export list_2="ai ia"
    export list_2_array=($list_2)
    echo list_2=$list_2
    echo list_2_array=$list_2_array
 export list="oi io"
 export list_array=($list)
 echo list=$list
 echo list_array=$list_array

Sourcing the script, will yield correct values for the set variables and arrays:

 $> .
 list=oi io
 list_2=ai ia

Running the function inside the script will still yield correct values for them:

 $> test_array
 list_2=ai ia

However, whilst list_2 is properly set, list_2_array is nowhere:

 $> echo list_2=$list_2
 list_2=ai ia

 $> echo list_2_array=$list_2_array

I checked the autocompletion and, indeed, list_2_array is not even set.

What's the rationale behind this behaviour?


The readonly builtin has the same problem:

bash-4.4$ foo() { readonly a=(1);echo a=$a; }
bash-4.4$ foo
bash-4.4$ echo a=$a

May be this is a bug, so I suggest you report this to bug-bash with the title "An array variable created by export/readonly builtins inside a function becomes a locale variable to that function unexpectedly".

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