Sorting by alphabetical order immutable.js

I would like to sort immutable.js orderedList by property name, => x.get("name")) returns the string, I want to sort my map by name in alphabetical order.

How to do that? I tried:

return data.sortBy((val) => {
    if (dir === "up") {
      return val.get("name");
    } else {
      return - val.get("name");


var fiends = Immutable.fromJS([{name: 'Squirrel'}, {name: 'Cat'}, {name: 'Raccoon'}]);
var sorted = fiends.sortBy(
  (f) => f.get('name')
); => x.get('name')).toJS();  // ["Cat", "Raccoon", "Squirrel"]

With localCompare:

  (a, b) => a.get('name').localeCompare(b.get('name'))

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