rsAccessDenied - SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

I have installed SQL Server 2012 on my Windows 10 computer. When I try to access Reporting Services via the Browser such as Chrome or Firefox, It prompts me for username/password (In which I do enter) but then it gives me an error

(Reporting Services Error: The permissions granted to user 'ComputerName\User' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)).

I have tried many solutions such as Internet Options and SQL server management studio. I have spent most of my time trying to figure this out but have given up hope.


Assuming you are trying to access Report Manager application (and not the Report Server) try this:

  • Run Internet Explorer as Administrator
  • Browse to Report Manager URL e.g. http://localhost/reports
  • You should see the Report Manager "home" page
  • Go to the Security settings for the home page and explicitly add your user account with the "Content Manager" role

You should now be able to browse to the home page with IE or Firefox. Note that Chrome is not a supported browser for SSRS 2012.

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