PHP - issue in adding 30 min to time

I am facing a weird issue, what I am trying to do here is to add 30 minutes to a specified time for multiple iterations using a while loop. Below is the code I am trying and not sure where it has gone wrong.

My Code

function session_slot_compare(){
$min_count = 3;
$time_now  = '1:30';
$time_now_new = date('H:i', strtotime($time_now));
 $duration_bits[0] = $time_now_new;
    $time_now_new = date("H:i", strtotime('+30 minutes', $time_now_new));
    $duration_bits[$i] = $time_now_new;

Expected Output

I am actually expecting the output to be like Array ( [0] => 01:30 [1] => 02:00 [2] => 02:30 )

Actual Output

But I am getting the output as Array ( [0] => 01:30 [1] => 00:30 [2] => 00:30 )


The reason is that in the strtotime('+30 minutes', $time_now_new) you pass not a valid 2-nd argument. It should be a timestamp, but in your case it's a string. The shortest way to fix the problem is to add one more strtotime() call, like the following:

$time_now_new = date("H:i", strtotime('+30 minutes', strtotime($time_now_new)));

It'll work exactly in the way you expect.

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