jasny bootstrap offcanvas doesn't scroll on phones

I have created a side menu using jasny bootstrap add-on. The markup is rather simple:

<div class="navmenu navmenu-inverse navmenu-fixed-right offcanvas-sm sidemenu">

    <ul class="nav navmenu-nav>
        <!-- many more <li> which may have <ul> nested -->


The thing is that it is not scrollable on phones. When I try to scroll it it just doesn't work.

I was trying to check it deeply using the iOS Simulator with web inspector and try to bind some events. I tried binding the scroll event to the .sidemenu but this event never triggered. I've then tried bind the touchstart event and it worked as expected. I guess it means that it does recognise my touch but it just doesn't recognise the scroll gesture?

Any idea why it doesn't work?


Try adding data-placement="right" to the toggle-button, doing this solved the issue for me.

<type="button" class="navbar-toggle" data-toggle="offcanvas" data-target="#menucanvas" data-placement="right">

I edited jasny-bootstrap.js, line 106 and changed this:

OffCanvas.DEFAULTS = {
toggle: true,
placement: 'auto',
autohide: true,
recalc: true,
disableScrolling: false, /*true*/ 
modal: false


It worked for me.

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