An .exe file generated by MinGW g++ doesn't work

recently, when I compile any file in CodeBlocks (using mingw32-g++.exe), when I execute the generated .exe file, the executable starts but does nothing. Then, when I close it, it seems that it is opened somewhere by an another program, because I am not able to rebuild the file without restarting the computer first. Maybe that issue is caused by a certain security application? I have Avast installed and earlier it analysed once the executable in Sandbox, but now the Sandbox doesn't start, although in Avast statistics I can see that the .exe file is scanned.

Thank you for any good advice.


While reading your question, I determined to ask you that Avast is running on your PC or not!

And at the end I got my answer. This is a common problem of avast. So, disable Avast while running code in codeblocks.

TO be more specific:

Maybe that issue is caused by a certain security application?

Yes, and it is Avast.

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