ElasticSearch Shield Maven dependency to SBT dependency

I have the following dependency in Maven:

  <!-- add the elasticsearch repo -->

  <!-- add the shield jar as a dependency -->

Is there a way to translate it to SBT format?

I tried:

resolvers += "elasticsearch-releases" at "https://maven.elasticsearch.org/releases"
libraryDependencies += "org.elasticsearch.plugin" %% "shield" % "2.0.1"

But it failed to find this artifact.


When you use the %% identifier, it appends the Scala version to the name of the artifact. Quoting the documentation:

If you use groupID %% artifactID % revision rather than groupID % artifactID % revision (the difference is the double %% after the groupID), sbt will add your project’s Scala version to the artifact name. This is just a shortcut.

This is not the case here so you should use the single %:

resolvers += "elasticsearch-releases" at "https://maven.elasticsearch.org/releases"
libraryDependencies += "org.elasticsearch.plugin" % "shield" % "2.0.1"

So I managed to do it by defining the dependency explicitly.

libraryDependencies +=
"org.elasticsearch.plugin" %% "shield" % "2.0.1" from "https://maven.elasticsearch.org/releases/org/elasticsearch/plugin/shield/2.0.1/shield-2.0.1.jar"

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