How to get data from SOAP using PHP

I have this page:

I need to get the data of the first "ARTIST" and "TITLE" tags:


Can anybody help me?


I've completely revised my earlier answer, because I didn't realize you could not get back real data from the web service. You can access it with a SOAP client. Optional parameters can be passed to the client function, like this:


...but, I don't really know what this web service is for and I couldn't figure out any parameter to send. Anyway, the following gets a response:

// service description

// send request
$client = new SoapClient("");
$result = $client->GetNowPlaying();

// get array of items
$arr = $result->GetNowPlayingResult->PlayerItem;

// iterate and access the artist property of the item
foreach ($arr as $i) {
    echo $i->Artist . "\n";

// examine what the SOAP response contains
echo var_dump($client);
echo var_dump($client->__getFunctions());
echo var_dump($result);

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