Increase timeout period of Elixir IEx.pry session

I'm trying to increase the timeout period of an IEx.pry session. Specifically, I'my pry-ing in a Phoenix framework unit test. I've added the following to the body of my test:

require IEx

I looked at the IEx documentation for the pry method and it says that the first parameter is a timeout period in milliseconds. But, when I update the pry call to:


... it still times out in 30 seconds. How do I increase this timeout period?


For posterity's sake, with Elixir 1.1, you can use the --trace flag on your test command and timeout infinity will be used. For example:

$ iex -S mix test test/models/user_test.exs:37 --trace


The timeout is due to ExUnit, not IEx.pry in itself, see No timeout in tests

ExUnit.configure(timeout: :infinity)

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