C# pass additional parameter to an event handler while binding the event at the run time

I have a link button which have a regular click event :

protected void lnkSynEvent_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

And I bind this event at the runtime :

lnkSynEvent.Click += new EventHandler(lnkSynEvent_Click);

Now I need the function to accept additional argument:

protected void lnkSynEvent_Click(object sender, EventArgs e, DataTable dataT)

And pass the same as parameter while binding this event :

lnkSynEvent.Click += new EventHandler(lnkSynEvent_Click, //somehow here);

Not sure how to achieve this. Please help.

Thanks in advance.



You can use anonymous delegate for that:

lnkSynEvent.Click += 
         new EventHandler((s,e)=>lnkSynEvent_Click(s, e, your_parameter));

I don't know exactly when it's changed, but now it's even easier!

lnkSynEvent.Click += (s,e) => lnkSynEvent_Click(s, e, your_parameter);

by use of delegate:

lnkbtnDel.Click += delegate(object s, EventArgs e1) { 
                 Dynamic_Click(s, e1, lnkbtnDel.ID); 

EventHandler myEvent = (sender, e) => MyMethod(myParameter);//my delegate

myButton.Click += myEvent;//suscribe
myButton.Click -= myEvent;//unsuscribe

private void MyMethod(MyParameterType myParameter)
 //Do something

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