Make scatter plots for multiple subsets of data

Let me introduce my data-set and my preliminary result first for better understanding my question. my dataset looks like:

Place      Species      Size      Conc.
 A           BT          24        0.2
 A           ST          76        1.4
 B           BT          45        1.2
 B           ST          21        0.7

I want to make scatterplot of Size against Conc. for each Species at each Place. What I have done uses ggplot2 to make a graph as below:

scatterplot <- ggplot(mydata, aes(x = Size, y = Conc, color = Species)) + 
  geom_point(shape = 1) 

Though this graph plots by the species group in different color, it summarizes all data in the dataset and fails to plot for different places.

I think the code below

scatterplot <- ggplot(mydata[mydata$place == "A"], aes(x = Size, y = Conc, color = Species)) + geom_point(shape = 1) 

works for plotting just place A and I can do this for different places one by one. However, in my real dataset, the place variable has tons of different places, and I can't type them all out one by one manually. Thus my question actually is how to let R make those plots for different places automatically at one time?



 ggplot(ddf)+geom_point(aes(Size, Conc.))+facet_grid(Place~Species)

If there are too many places:

ggplot(ddf)+geom_point(aes(Size, Conc., color=Place))+facet_grid(.~Species)

Or, in one graph:

ggplot(ddf)+geom_point(aes(Size, Conc., color=Place,shape=Species), size=5)

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