Ruby - how to replace key in a hash by a key from different one?

I have this hash:

CARS = {"Audi"     => 0, 
        "BMW"     => 1,

And this output from ActiveRecord (@top_cars):

{1=>18, 0=>17, 3=>13, 5=>10, 2=>5, 4=>1}

How do I replace the keys from @top_cars by the car names from CARS?

Thank you

EDIT: So the desired output would be like {"BMW"=>18, "Audi"=>17, "Renault"=>13, "Mercedes"=>10, "Ford"=>5, "Porsche"=>1}


This would do the trick: {|key, value| [CARS.key(key), value]}.to_h

possible solution:

@top_cars.inject({}) {|memo, (key,value)| memo.merge(CARS.key(key) => value)}

You could merge cars with itself:

cars = { "Audi"     => 0,
         "Mercedes" => 1,
         "Ford"     => 2,
         "Renault"  => 3,
         "BMW"      => 4,
         "Porsche"  => 5

top_cars = {1=>18, 0=>17, 3=>13, 5=>10, 2=>5, 4=>1}

cars.merge(cars) { |*,n| top_cars[n] }
  #=> {"Audi"=>17, "Mercedes"=>18, "Ford"=>5, "Renault"=>13, "BMW"=>1, "Porsche"=>10} 

This uses the form of Hash#merge where a block is employed to determine the values of keys that are present in both hashes being merged, which here is all the keys.

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