how to prevent webkit from rounding em values to zero?

I'm using em values in my layout for easy scaling. If font size is less than 16px webkit(at 1.0 browser scale) is rounding my 0.0625em values to zero. I can't use px values because scale up will not work in this case. How to force webkit rounding em values to nearest integer? E.g. 0.9px to 1px, not zero.

example — border in upper div disappears:

div.bigger{font-size: 15px}
div.smaller{font-size: 16px}
div.inner{width: 10em; height: 10em; border: 0.0625em solid blue; background-color: lightgray}
<div class="bigger">
  <div class="inner"></div>
<div class="smaller">
  <div class="inner"></div>


You can find the answer here. It is possible to do what you wanted to do, but it isn't supported by any browser(unfortunately!)

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