How do I count the number of persons in an image using MATLAB?

Has anyone ever tried doing this kinda job?


Before trying to count the number of people in an image, it is easier to first solve the decision problem of: does this region contain a person? And, it is even simpler if you reduce it to a specific size: does this 20x20 pixel image contain a person? It's even easier, if you only strive for detecting faces.. in which case you can use the Viola-Jones face detection algorithm to determine if there is a face in the image.

Once you can say yes/no there is or is not a person (or face) in a region, you can use a sliding-window approach to cover each possible region and say yes/no there is/isn't a person (or face) in that region. To count the number of people (or faces), you simply tally the number of yes responses.

As I've already stated, detecting faces is a little bit easier than detecting people, and detecting front-facing faces is easier than detecting faces in any orientation. That said, it is possible to create object detectors for pretty much any object provided that you have a large enough dataset. These techniques can be fairly accurate, but they aren't 100% reliable, so you will get false positives and false negatives.

You can find a Matlab face detector at the given link.

There's an active community of research into this problem. Here's a good start:

More info an links to implementations of HOG:

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