Linux script for determining filesize

I am trying to write a script to imitate this script output in linux bash:

(bob@server:~> filesize

Enter a file name (or q! to stop): fee

fee uses 123 bytes.

Enter a file name (or q! to sp): fi

There is no file called fi.

Enter a file name (or q! to stop): foe

foe uses 9802 bytes.

Enter a file name (or q! to stop): q!


My script looks like this (the script name is filesize):

while true; do
        read  -p "Enter a filename (Or q! to stop) : " X
        case $X in
                [q!]* ) exit;;
                * ) echo "$X uses "$(wc -c <$X)" bytes";./filesize;;

After I type anything other than q! and it reads $X uses $(wc -c <$X), I have to type q! twice to make the command exit.

How do I make it so that I only have to type q! once to make the command exit, instead of typing it the multiple times that I read a size of a file?


filesize(){ stat -c %s -- "$@";} 

And if you insist on having all the blabber around it:

filesize(){ stat -c %s -- "$@";} 
while :; do
    read  -p "Enter a filename (Or q! to stop) : " x
    case "$x" in
        'q!') exit;;
       *) printf '%s\n' "$x uses $(filesize "$x") bytes";;

The function alone is much more Unix philophy than the while loop, however.

wc -c < "$x" is OK too. The difference is that stat will tell you the size right away without having to do the counting.

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