Maven: How to clean integration-test configurations

In our maven project, we have integration test that sets all sorts of things on the integration test server.

I want to be be able to easily clean this things in a command. I want to be able to run:

mvn integration-clean

And this will clean all the things on the server, by running some cleaning mojos from my maven plugin.

How should this be done?


These are the commands in order to perform a complete integration test:

Step 1: mvn deploy

Step 2: mvn integration-test

Finally do a complete clean install in order to update the changes.

Step 3: mvn clean install

You could refer this for the exact life cycle of the build.

You must be having the integration profile defined in settings.xml.


Assuming the integration profile is active ,

mvn clean install -P integrationProfile

should work for you.

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