iOS UI automated tests: reusing app-data between devices

I am writing an iOS app and I started adding UI automated tests. I am using xcode7.1.1.

As the app relies heavily on data and a logged-in user - I want to create an app-data package and reuse it when running the tests, so when a test starts - there is already a logged-in user with some data in the app.

I followed this guide: And it works perfectly fine when I:

  1. Install the app on a real device (iPhone), play with it and download the app-data to a file
  2. Add the file to my project and execute my tests using that app-data - on the same real device

Ideally I would be able to:

  1. Create the app-data form a simulator instead of a real device
  2. Be able to use the app-data on any device, ideally a simulator

See, the thing is that for other team members to add UI tests - it would be best if we can simulate some scenario, save the app-data, include it in the project and allow anyone to use it on any device (real or simulator).

I tried running the app with the app-data (again - generated on a real device) on a simulator with no success. It is simply ignored and the app starts empty.

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to run an app with a pre-loaded app-data created from a different device? If yes - how? Does it require editing the contents of the package?
  2. Is it possible to create an app-data package from a simulator?


This might provide you some more information on it's current state,

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