How to change value of element without binding in angularjs?

What's the best way to do something like this in AngularJS without data binding?

document.getElementById('divid').value = 'Change Text to This';

I know I can achieve it with {{value}} but I have default values for SEO purpose and hence I need to change it without binding, for example,

<div id="divid">Default text</div>



you can do data binding for this {{}} also you can use ng-bind.

In angular you can fetch an element using angular.element()

In your case, Try

var ele = angular.element('#wrapper');

For this to work you need to inject $compile.

You can use translate function:

<div id="divid">{{ _("Default text") }}</div>


$.scope._ = function(text) {
    return 'Change Text to This';

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