ssrs header for list which is repeating after page breaks

I have a layout for report services and subreports. My subreports are lists with headers. I need to get header for each subreport on pagebreaks. I've tried to use a table for this task but I didn't manage them to display headers on pagebraks though I was using repeat on each page or something like this and others (I'm really frustrated about whole of a lot those properties for silly task and not working). Maybe someone can suggest solution for this task without using a table? I've found solution to use header of subreport for this but this didn't work out as well.

I tried to Set "Repeat header rows on each page", "Repeat header columns on each row" and tried to set "RepeatOnNewPage" property of the header in the Advanced mode but everything was futile. All these things I tried to use even for a simple table without lists.

The report is rendered to PDF... maybe this repeating headers feature doesn't work for PDF?


Found the solution. The problem was that I've been adding rows to table outside of the group (the first row is marked with three horizontal lines at the row pane). After I added lines inside of this group - the header started to display after the page break.

As for lists... I found out that one can use table as list... If one adds source of data to the row then it will be multiplied if several data sets provided.

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