view controller does not conform to protocol for SKPaymentTransactionObserver, SKProductsRequestDelegate

I am trying to add hosted content as an IAP for a single view app. However when coding I keep getting the following errors in Xcode 7

"view controller does not conform to protocol for SKPaymentTransactionObserver, SKProductsRequestDelegate"

Here is the code.

import UIKit
import StoreKit

class ViewController: UIViewController, SKPaymentTransactionObserver, SKProductsRequestDelegate {   

    @IBOutlet weak var lblQuotes: UILabel!

    @IBOutlet weak var btnAnotherQuote: UIButton!

    @IBOutlet weak var btnRemoveAds: UIButton!

    @IBOutlet weak var btnGetTheGuide: UIButton!

    @IBOutlet weak var btnRestore: UIButton!

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    var numberQuote = 40
    var buttonTextArray = ["Start Your Journey","Success Inspiration","Get It Done!","Not Trying Is Failing"," Much effort, Much prosperity.","Know You Can Do It.","Focus","Persistence","Failure is Part Of Learning.","Be Time Wealthy.","Everyone has to succeed.","Failure is not an option.","Determination","Time Rich","Have A Winning Day","Be Happy","Go For It!","Be The Tiger","Stick To It!","Don't Stress","Work Hard","Love Yourself!","Be Awesome!","Think Positive","Reach Your Goals","Dream It!","Believe It","Achieve It!","Carry On","Be Fearless","Make The Moment","Enjoy The Ride","Inspire Others","Stay Positive","Take Risks","Keep Moving Forward","Always Believe","Stay Ready","Love Others","Enhance Lives","Be Inspirational","Be Healthly","Be Helpful","Live Well"]

    var numberButton = 40
    var  numberCheck = 0

    var product: SKProduct!       

    override func viewDidLoad() {

    override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
        // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.

    @IBAction func btnRestore(sender: UIButton) {

    @IBAction func btnGetTheGuide(sender: UIButton) {
        let payment:SKPayment = SKPayment(product: product)

    @IBAction func btnemoveAds(sender: UIButton) {

    @IBAction func btnAnoterQuoteACTION(sender: UIButton) {
        changeButtonText ()

    func selectQuote() {            
        numberQuote = Int(arc4random_uniform(40))

        if numberQuote == numberCheck{
            numberQuote = Int(arc4random_uniform(40))

            if numberQuote == numberCheck && numberQuote != 0{
                numberQuote = 0
                numberQuote = 1

    func printQuote(){            
        lblQuotes.text = "\(quoteArray[numberQuote])"            

    func changeButtonText(){            
        numberButton = Int(arc4random_uniform(3))
        btnAnotherQuote.setTitle("\(buttonTextArray[numberQuote])", forState: UIControlState.Normal)

So how can I resolve this issue?


Implement the protocol methods of SKPaymentTransactionObserver and SKProductsRequestDelegate


for SKPaymentTransactionObserver

for SKProductsRequestDelegate:

Note: There are many more things which are missing so you may follow a very good tutorial too;

Edit: Implementing following 2 required methods in your class will remove the error.

func productsRequest(request: SKProductsRequest, didReceiveResponse response: SKProductsResponse) {
    //Code here   

func paymentQueue(queue: SKPaymentQueue, updatedTransactions transactions: [SKPaymentTransaction]) {
     //Code here  

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