Agent Client relationship

I am trying to develop an application where one user (called Agent) after registering with the website can create many clients. I am using MVC5 and ASP.NET Identity. What I want to know is that when Agent is working with a particular client, do I need to store the Client id in session or every time I send the id in query string or something like that to identify the current client on which the agent is working on. I Would really appreciate if someone can guide me in right direction.


public class Agent
  public int UserId{get; set;}
  public ICollection<Client> Clients{get; set;}

  public virtual ApplicationUser User{get; set;}

public class Client
  public int ClientId{get; set;}
  public string Name{get; set}
  public Address Address{get; set;}
  public Something1 Something1{get; set;}
  public Something2 Something2{get; set;}
  so on....

  public int UserId{get; set;}
  public virtual Agent Agent{get; set;}

public class Address
  public int ClientId{get; set;}
  public string Line1{get; set}
  public string Line2{get; set}
  public string PostCode{get; set}

  public virtual Client Client{get; set;}


Per REST-guidelines, the client is a resource and should be identified by the URL. For example, /clients/{clientId} for details, /clients/{clientId}/edit to modify, /clients/{clientId}/delete to delete, etc.

Your action would take clientId as a param and then use that to look up the appropriate client. For the user-level permissions, you would simply integrate the user that owns the client object into the query. For example:

var userId = User.Identity.GetUserId();
var client = db.Clients.SingleOrDefault(m => m.UserId == userId && m.ClientId == clientId);
if (client == null)
    return new HttpNotFoundResult();

// whatever

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