Deleted local master branch

I was sloppy and was deleting a whole bunch of local branchs, instead of doing them one by one after each one was done, and I accidentally deleted my local master branch on git. The project is still up at github. So how do I resolve this issue? If it helps I'm using terminal on a mac.


git branch master origin/master

Master branch is not a special branch, it can easily be created just as any other branch.

git branch master ## creating master branch
git checkout master  ## switching to master branch
git branch -u origin/master ## setting up remote tracking branch


git branch master ## creating master branch
git branch -u origin/master master ## setting up remote tracking without switching
git checkout master ## switching out to master

or all in one

git checkout -b master origin/master ## create, set up tracking, switch

You can simple do,

git checkout master

Git will pull master branch if you don't have it in local.

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