File not found iOS

I am using the RestKit Framework. After code merge the project building failed with error

#import <FBSDKLoginKit.h> FBSDKLoginKit.h file not found. even though file is already available.

I eliminated this error by replacing <FBSDKLoginKit.h> with <FBSDKLoginKit/FBSDKLoginKit.h>. Then another error appeared in file named RKObjectManager.hfrom the RestKit framework. on the line 21 #import "RKObjectManager.h" saying file not found despite the file is already available.


The newest version of RestKit has fixed this bug. You should upgrade it.

This started occurring for me once I upgraded cocoapods from 0.38.2 to 0.39.0 and refreshed my entire pods dir. I reverted and it's working fine now, in case you want fight this battle another day like myself.

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