Prevent browser from reloading main page after mouse event

I have a web page that allows me to send serial commands to serial port on my raspberry pi. Main page is in html and its have images in it, and when i click on image javascript calls cgi file that sends command to serial. Everything is works fine on desktop browser, when i press on image im staying on the same page, but when i do it on iphone or ipad its redirecting me to location of cgi file. Here is my code 1. HTML

<img src="img/sound.png" alt="sound" id="sound_b" ontouchstart="changeImageSound(), sound()" ontouchend="changeImageSound()">


function sound() {


print "Status: 204 No Content"
print "Content-type: text/plain"
print ""
import cgi
import serial
import time

# Open a serial connection to Roomba
ser = serial.Serial(port='/dev/ttyUSB0', baudrate=115200)

# Assuming the robot is awake, start safe mode so we can hack.

# Program a five-note start song into Roomba.

# Play the song we just programmed.
time.sleep(1.6) # wait for the song to complete

# Leave the Roomba in passive mode; this allows it to keep
#  running Roomba behaviors while we wait for more commands.

# Close the serial port; we're done for now.


You just add this to your Javascript code,


you can add the javascript code mentioned below to the sound function but it would require the event object inside it. else u can have it in the ontouchstart directly


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