Accessing XElement having namespace inside a parent with different namespace

I am having an xelement like this.

<fiAPI xmlns="" xmlns:ITI="" xmlns:ds="" xmlns:xenc="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <fiHeader Version="2.2">
    <Service Name="" Version="8.0">
            <CipherData xmlns="">
      <MessageDigest algorithm="SHA-1"></MessageDigest>

i am trying to set some value to CipherValue tag like this.

var loginRequestNameSpace  = "";
var cipherDataNameSpace = "";
XElement encryptedDataElement = loginRequestElement.Element(loginRequestNameSpace + "fiHeader").Element(loginRequestNameSpace + "Security").Element(loginRequestNameSpace + "AuthenticationMaterial").Element(loginRequestNameSpace + "PrincipalPWD").Element(loginRequestNameSpace + "EncryptedData");
XElement cypherDataElement = encryptedDataElement.Element(cipherDataNameSpace + "CipherData");

CipherData tag reads as NULL. I am doing something wrong with the namespace ?Can anybody help on this ?


You need to use a proper XName to correctly address the elements with different namespaces.

You can use the static method XName.Get("fiHeader", loginRequestNameSpace) for example instead of using string concatenation.

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