Intellij IDEA: Reopen files (Tabs) on start

When I close IDEA and start it again, all open Files (Tabs) are closed and the project tree is collapsed. How can I restart IDEA such that it reopens the files and the project tree?

Thank you.

EDIT: .idea/workspace.xml was broken - about 75 kb of nullbytes. Strange behaviour not to ask the user how to handle a broken config file. I closed IntelliJ IDEA and deleted the file. Now files are reopened when a project is opened.


You can go to File | Settings, select Appearance & Behavior in the left panel, select System Settings in the left panel, and then select the "Reopen last project on startup" check box. If this option is selected, your last project should be opened after a restart, including the files that were open and the project tree.


Sometimes the file .idea/workspace.xml may become corrupted. As a consequence, the project stops remembering the open files. Please check this file. If it contains anything else than proper XML, deleting the file and reopening the project helps.

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