Changing the default Sails public folder

I know from experience that Sails creates a ./.tmp/public/ folder from where it serves all my files. I'd like to change it to just ./public/

I read a GitHub issue that said I could do it in config/local.js, but that doesn't seem to be working. Here's the GitHub issue:

Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks.

As to why I'm trying to do this, it's because I'm actually trying to work with Sails and Parse to build a simple test application. Since Parse looks in the ./public/ directory by default and I couldn't find a way to change this behaviour, I'm trying to configure Sails.


If your using out of the box Grunt tasks, then you will need to go through and edit those tasks in <root>/tasks/config, there does not seem to be an global config variable for this, so you might have touch each file.

As in the mentioned issue report it can either be done in the .sailsrc file

  "paths": {
    "public": "bar/foo"

or if you launch sails in your own app (no using sails lift)

var Sails = require('sails');
  paths: { public: 'mydir/pub' }, // relative to appDir
}, function(err, server) {});

Create a file config/paths.js with the value:

module.exports.paths = { 'public': 'assets/'};

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