Change a string of two html files from javaScript

I have a list in one file html called "filed1":

    <li>Nombre:<a class="boton" onclick=move() title="Caja">Caja</a><br> 
    <FONT SIZE=2>Fecha: 21/12/1994</font></font></li>

Now I want to change a string in other html "filed2":

<a id="logo-header2">
        <span class="site-name" id="element">Details</span><br>

Using Java Script:

function move() {
    mywindow ="file2.html");

But there is an error which says that mywindow.document.getElementById("element") is NULL, why? The id element exists in the other window. Is there another way to change the string?


The problem is that you are trying to retrieve the DOM element before the window is loaded.

Try following

mywindow.onload = function() {

Like @nikhil mentioned, mywindow is undefined when you're calling it, and you'll need to place your code into something triggered by the onload event.

Another approach you can try is perhaps passing the string as a variable in the url, like so:

function move(){"file2.html?str=Changed");

And then in file2.html, try something that runs on page load:

window.onload = function(){
    var str = $_GET('str');
    document.getElementById("element").innerHTML = str;

function $_GET(q){
    var $_GET = {};
    if(document.location.toString().indexOf('?') !== -1){
        var query = document.location
                       .replace(/^.*?\?/, '')//Get the query string
                       .replace(/#.*$/, '')//and remove any existing hash string
        for(var i=0, l=query.length; i<l; i++){
           var aux = decodeURIComponent(query[i]).split('=');
           $_GET[aux[0]] = aux[1];
    return $_GET[q];

The $_GET function I included is just for getting query string parameters, and function much like $_GET[] in php.

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