How to upload video into wowza while i shoot from iphone and link it to parse using swift?

I am pretty new to wowza and for my app, I am using Parse as a backend. i have worked out a way to upload a video to parse after it is shot but now i need to upload it so it is LIVE. I heard that wowza is a good option to do that. So how do I do it ?


Convert AV to a format Wowza works with

If you can convert the uploaded format into something wowza can ingest (rtmp or rtsp, ffmpeg might be handy) you can transcode it into HLS format.

ffmpeg -re -y -i <input> -strict -2 -f rtsp -muxdelay 0.1 <rtsp route>

where input is source video, and rtsp route is of the form rtsp:/someIP/app-6093/d8d26f76 and references your transcode/wowza IP

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