Xcode: No Scheme

I recently opened project in Xcode is now saying I have No Scheme:

When I try and Manage Schemes I am unable to Autocreate Schemes Now (a separate post but possibly related) and no Schemes are listed:

and when I try and add a Scheme I get dialog saying Target None.

What's going on and how do I fix my Xcode project?


Close Xcode and delete the folder <username>.xcuserdatad from within <projectname>.xcodeproj/xcuserdata/. Then restart Xcode, the schemes should re-appear.

EDIT: You may need to delete from .xcodeproj file and .xcworkspace file

This worked for me

  1. Click on No Scheme
  2. Click on Manage Scheme
  3. Click on Autocreate Schemes Now

I think this is happening when you are opening the app.xcworkspace not app.xcodeproj.

Solution: Install the pod and open the app.xcworkspace again.

Use shortcut ctrl+cmd+[ or restart.

The top answer fix didn't work for me when running the Xcode 8 beta's. but what did work was unplugging a connected device (iPhone, iPad etc.) and re plugging back in. The schemes would then reappear.

If you are using pods and using the correct workspace what I found to work best is simply open up terminal run pod update restart Xcode and every time it fixed the problem for me.

  1. Close Xcode ["Force Quit Applications" (cmd+option+escape) to ensure]
  2. Remove derived data of app (Xcode 9.4: Users/[username]/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/[app directory to delete])
  3. Remove .xcworkspace from project directory
  4. Also in project directory: .xcodeproj -> Right Click -> Show Package Contents -> remove .xcuserdatad and remove .xcworkspace if exist

It should do the trick. Install pods if needed and open project. Target should be available again.

For me following worked Go to your Project Directory and right click on the

.xcodeproj or .xcworkspace file and select Show Package Content

and delete xcuserdata. don't forget to restart the Xcode

  • If it do not work and you have CocoPod in your project run the following Command

Pod install

Firstly,when you are using Cocoapods to Develop iOS projects,you need to open the project with .xcodeworkspace file instead of .xcodeproj file.

Secondly you can Show Package Contents with .xcworkspace file,you will find the contents.xcworkspacedata file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Workspace version = "1.0"> <FileRef location = "group:BluetoothColorLamp24G.xcodeproj"> </FileRef> <FileRef location = "group:Pods/Pods.xcodeproj"> </FileRef> </Workspace>

pay attention to this line:

location = "group:BluetoothColorLamp24G.xcodeproj"

The .xcworkspace file has reference with the .xcodeproj file.

If you find there is no file or wrong path about the location,you can link to your .xcodeproj file,which works for me.

Development Environment: macOS 10.14 Xcode 10.1

For me, I switched to a different Macbook. Running pod update fixed everything for me.

None of the above worked for me. My solution was to look at the project file differences in text mode and I found that VALID_ARCHS got reset in two places (VALID_ARCHS = ""). Restoring the proper settings for VALID_ARCHS, also restored back the Schemes.

I will add to this answer::: From @Chris Miles.

Close Xcode and delete the folder <username>.xcuserdatad from within <projectname>.xcodeproj/xcuserdata/. Then restart Xcode, the schemes should re-appear.

Close Xcode, and everything, about ios development like simulators, then run again you pod install if you are using cocoa pods.

That's works for me.

This commonly occurs when you install a Cocoapod, and try building and running from your workspace without first closing your project. If this is the case, quit Xcode, then open your app from your workspace and it should be fine.

This answer is for people who tried everything in the answers and still did not fix the issue:

Your solution is git checkout mainline. Because you probably played around with xcodeproj file and its broken now..

I have Removed pod completely from my project and adding it again.. retrieved my target and all

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