Piping browserify with uglify and exorcist in npm scripts

I need help to run a chain of commands in npm scripts when building a js application.

Right now Im running this line:

"scripts": {
    "build-js": "browserify src/app/main.js --debug | exorcist dist/app.js.map > dist/app.js",

That browserifies and extracts sourcemaps. But I would also like to minify with uglifyjs2.

How to I pipe uglifyjs to get a minified source with external sourcemaps?


uglifyify can help you:

browserify -t uglifyify src/app/main.js --debug | exorcist dist/app.js.map > dist/app.js

You can do this:

"browserify": "browserify -e scripts/index.js -d -t browserify-shim | exorcist scripts/bundle.map | uglifyjs -cm > scripts/bundle.js"

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