Hide / Disable default menu in Chrome Custom Tab

I have implemented new Chrome Custom Tab in android, I am using the following code to open

    String url = "http://www.flipkart.com/";
    int color = Color.BLUE;
    CustomTabsIntent.Builder intentBuilder = new CustomTabsIntent.Builder();
            this, intentBuilder.build(), Uri.parse(url), new  WebviewFallback());

I need to secure my URL or not like to show my URL to User, But there is a option Open in Chrome in default menu, By using this link user can open my URL in browser,By how hide the default menu?


At this moment, it's not possible to hide the overflow menu or "Open in Chrome" menu item.

There are no methods for hiding the menu option in Chrome custom tabs

Chrome Custom Tab actually uses Chrome app in user's mobile.

start activity in Chrome app by link, If chrome not installed on the user's mobile, it will use a webView as the default.

In fact, Chrome Custom Tabs is designed to display a web page where the user is sure that the programmer of that software does not have a phishing, Like a bank payment.

Therefore, you must show the options in the toolbar to the user.

You must add hiding flag before. To disable your URL parameter but it can't hide your site name.


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