PostgreSQL Queries - Spree product filtering methods and associations

I am trying to add some filtering to products, but my queries are pretty ugly and heavy..

How would you improve this query? (want to return products that don't have a translation or have but field is blank) { |p| p if !p.translations.find_by(locale: 'en') || (p.translations.find_by(locale: 'en') && p.translations.find_by(locale: 'en').name.blank?) }.reject(&:blank?)
# takes about 1 second

Another query is about Taxons associated with Products: { |p| p unless p.taxons.any? }.reject(&:blank?)

I know there is a way to return Records that don't have any associated has_many records, like: Spree::Product.all.includes(:taggings).where(taggings: { taggable_id: nil }). But for some reason it doesn't want to work with Taxons.

I wonder also if there is a way to improve queries on model methods. For example, I have a query that returns all the products that don't have images: { |p| p unless p.all_images.any? }.reject(&:blank?)
# takes over 2 seconds

# product_decorator.rb
def all_images
  (images + variant_images).uniq



When you use the .all it will load all the records and perform those operations you set inside the blocks({}). Try to mount a query using pure SQL or even better, using the .where clause, it will mount your query and will perform better. You can use several .where, one after the other chaining the methods.

You can find more about conditions on the Rails guide

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