Slow loading time for a eshop built by an open source software

I am working on a eshop and the time is very long to loading

So I have check the tool to analyze


The problem is that the site seems wait a few second before actually download the resource. Are there any way to track is there any JS coding / PHP coding takes the most of time ? Or any approach to debug that

Thanks a lot for helping.


I had a look at your site and fired up Google Chrome's Developer tools. From there I navigated to the network tab and had a look at the requests coming in.

The problem isn't your server side code, it is that you have so many blocking Javascript and CSS files. For example, have a look at the image below:

I know the image above looks a little small, but your page only begins to render where the red arrow is! If you do as Google's PageSpeed suggests and minify and combine your JS and CSS files, you will only have 2 requests instead of 87 requests!

Remember that CSS and JS are blocking resources and the browser needs to download them before it can begin rendering the page.

I also thoroughly recommend doing all the things that Googles Pagespeed suggests - it will really make a difference to the performance of your site!

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